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Pyros®: Triple 2 Rope-Operated Section Ladder (model CCA3)


Regulatory Compliance :

  • European Standard EN 1147:2010 

Performance guaranteed :

  • Sturdy and lightweight construction with ergonomic round edge rungs
  • Omni-directional telescopic ladder legs separately adjustable with locking bolt
  • Rungs and stiles are replaceable thanks to a unique and patented screw assembly technique (Audinnov patent)
  • Flat top rungs
  • Integrated nylon slide guides

3 models are available:

  • CCA 3-3.5: 3.5 x 8.25 m
  • CCA 3-5: 5 x 11 m
  • CCA 3-6: 6 x 14.5 m

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Technical description


  • D-shaped Ultragrip© deeply serrated 0.3 mm aluminium rungs spaced at 260/265 mm
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction with round edge stiles for a perfect grip
  • Rungs and stiles are replaceable thanks to a unique and patented screw assembly technique (Audinnov patent)
  • Interchangeable, self-draining and anti-slip rubber ladder feet
  • Friction-free nylon sliding guides
  • Riveted serial number identification plate (production lot and contractual information)
  • Ø10 and Ø 14 mm hydrophobic deployment ropes, with a minimum breaking strength of 1,800 DaN
  • Omni-directional telescopic ladder legs separately adjustable with stainless steel locking bolt (Model TGMP only)
  • Optional for TGMP: Ladder dolly with Ø 260 mm disc wheels (product code 807001)

Regulatory Compliance :

  • Compliant with European Standard EN 1147-2010-marking 2 or 3 persons
  • Complaint with NIT 331
  • Certificate of Full Conformity with LNE

For Fire and rescue services: Hook Ladders and Access and Rescue Extension Ladders

This range includes access and rescue extension ladders designed for emergency fire and rescue Departments.  All models are available in aluminium or non-conductive composite for operations in the vicinity of low voltage electrical sources.
The Standards of reference for these products are: EN 1147.

Equipment made to last

The rungs and stiles are assembled using Dural Screw®. This patented and unique innovation has many advantages:

  • The lifetime of the ladder is doubled compared to crimping or gluing technologies
  • The risk of swaying and stile cracking is eliminated
  • Your ladder can be repaired by our technical service department in case of deterioration of one or more components (prior training provided in our premises or on site)

Rungs spacing can be customized according to the specific use of the ladder: 250, 285 or 300 mm (for Hook Ladders).

Rescue ladders can withstand the weight of two or three people depending on the model.

The Pyros range also includes Rescuestep®: a line of high-performance rescue platforms that can be equipped with additional features such as a Lorry Kit, adjustable levelers etc.